My name is Samantha Hoffman, and I’ve created this blog to hopefully gain some exposure for my self-published books. So far I only have one, The Arena Wars, but I am in the process of publishing another. You can buy my book at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/154211. Check it out and leave me a review. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. I want to say i love one of your book “Dark Secrets” and I just finsih it like 2 days :). I an hoping if there a second book because I am so interesting what happening next:)

      • I found your book Zombie Island on Barnes and Noble so enjoyable I immediately went in search of other stories you had written. I very much enjoyed your stories. I fell in love with your characters and would love to see more of them in future stories. I just finished Dark Secrets and can’t wait to read the others that I downloaded to my e-reader. KEEP THEM COMING. Do not get discouraged by the criticism of others learn, grow, or ignore them. Your writing should be for you first, others second. Ask any famous author and they will tell you they were criticized too. It is a part of the process. And most of all THANKS for sharing!

  2. I have read several of your books, Arena Wars, Daray Hall 1 and Zombie Island. Really enjoyed all three. Will be reading the sequels. Are you planning a sequel to Zombie Island? There really are places you could go with that story. Keep up the writing. And I agree you need to change you name to initials or something to make your books stand alone. My search led me to the other Samantha’s website. Not good for you or your fans. 😦

    • Thank you for commenting. I’m glad you liked my books, and I hope you enjoy the sequels as well. I have plans for a sequel to Zombie Island, centered around Sam’s counsin Madison and her struggles, but I’m not sure when I could get around to it. I have so many other half-finished stories and plans that have to come first. But I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to ask about a sequel. 🙂

  3. Hey Samantha,
    We are in the process of discussing a publication born of the 238 community. The idea is to collaborate on production of a periodical that would showcase and promote all the participants, benefiting the entire 238 group. All responsibilities would be carried out pro bono by the participants and all costs (printing & promotional mailing) would be shared evenly by the participants. It would be great if you added your thoughts to the discussion so that in March, when all the pros and cons/fears have been tallied, we can get to the practical side of things. Many of us were delighted to be part of the H&V article last spring. The idea proposed is, potentially, hundreds of times more rewarding: http://www.facebook.com/groups/214635415310230/. You are also welcome to email me with any questions about this endeavour.
    With best wishes,
    Ps. I checked out your smashwords page and found your self-reliance and prolificacy inspiring. 7 full-length novels in under a year?! More power to you! What’s your secret? 🙂

    • Hi Ken. I’ll definitely consider the idea of collaborating on a periodical. It sounds interesting. And my secret is actually quite simple…I don’t have a job at the moment, so I’m free to stay home and write all day. Plus my books are a little on the shorter side. They’re quick writes and quick reads.

  4. I loved your books! I have only read Zombie Island and the Dark Heritages books. I hope you make a thrid one! I am starting to read the Arena Wars now!

  5. Hello, Ms. Hoffman, my name’s MarMar T. and I’m president of my school’s Book Club. I was hoping we can talk in private about an event my school is planning in the spring of 2014 where different authors come in and talk about their book to the students and I was wondering if you’d be interested in coming! My email should be included with this message. If not, just let me know and I’ll give it to you in case you have any questions. I hope to hear from you soon!

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