Dark Revenge (Dark Heritage #2)

Today I published my eighth book, Dark Revenge. It is the second book in my Dark Heritage series, and is available online at http://www.smashwords.com if anyone is interested.

Months after her battle with Andrew, Ronnie is beginning to settle into her new life at the compound. She has not only been training her powers with Annie and becoming friends with Tanya, Holly, and Ezra, but her relationship with the werewolf Finn has been deepening into something suspiciously like love. When another necromancer attempts to raise an army of the undead as well as threaten to expose the supernatural world, the Council demands that Ronnie help them find who is responsible.

It isn’t long before her evil sister succeeds in showing the world the true power of supernatural beings, and everything in Ronnie’s life quickly begins to unravel. When her mother passes onto the afterlife, disappearing from her life for good, Ronnie begins to feel the stirrings of something angry hidden away inside of her…and it might just be her dark heritage coming to claim her as it did her father and sister. Will Ronnie be able to fight her family’s past and save the world before it’s too late? Ages 14+


2 comments on “Dark Revenge (Dark Heritage #2)

  1. Samantha
    I have read all of your current books and I can say that I get really into the characters life which is a must to stay interested. You have a creative way of thinking that is captivating to the reader. I would like to see if you are going to continue to a (arena wars #4, Daray Hall #3) it was left with several things open and unfinished I would love to know the ends. I have read blogs about Zombie Country and a Dark Heritage #3 and I can’t wait to read them. I would like to say that you end books in a way that every ones mouth opens cause we have to know what happens next, that is the best way to stop until the new book is out. In the future I would really hope to see a longer novel in the making, I think that would be a great way to lead your future.

    • I like open-ended stories because I could always come back to write more, but as of right now, I have no plans to write an Arena Wars #4 or a Daray Hall #3. I have so many other books to write, I just don’t think I have the time. But someday when I’m not so busy I might do something with either series. I’ve been hoping to write a longer novel, but I dislike reading long, drawn-out books, and I dislike writing that kind of book even more. So I would rather write a short, well thought out book instead of a longer, more boring one that can’t hold someone’s interest.

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