Not Everyone Takes Inspiration From Twilight.

Why does everyone that reviews a vampire book have to mention Twilight? Just because a book has vampires and werewolves in it does not mean that it is a Twilight rip-off. Many authors wrote about vampires long before Twilight, and they will continue to write about vampires long after Twilight is gone. I wish people would stop saying I copied Twilight just because my book has vampires and werewolves in it. My vampires are far different from hers—they have fangs, the sunlight gives them headaches if they haven’t fed, they feed on humans, they aren’t invincible, and they die by being staked through the freaking heart—I can’t think of a way to make my vampires more different than Stephenie Meyer’s vampires. Seriously, they’re not even close. So for someone to tell me that I copied Twilight just because I have vampires and werewolves in my book really hurts. It makes me feel like my writing can’t stand on its own, and that people only like my book because they for some reason think it’s a Twilight rip-off. The only way a book can be a Twilight rip-off is if the book features vampires that sparkle in the sunlight, feast on animals, have special powers, and are invincible. Since my vampires are nothing like that, I have to be honest and say I don’t see what people are talking about. Not everyone takes inspiration from Twilight.


4 comments on “Not Everyone Takes Inspiration From Twilight.

  1. Hi. I just had to comment on this because while i agree with you and totally understand your frustration and need to vent, i gotta say its not going to make a difference. Something that big is always going to set the standard that everyone else has to live up to. I am sure something similar happened after dracula and interview with a vampire too. Just not on such a large scale. Dont let it get u down. Be honest about ur inspirations and give credit where it is due. Just think of how many people will choose ur book hoping its like twilight and then read it and love it for what it is. I havent read it yet but i just finished reading zombie island and loved it. That was the kind of story that makes me want to sit down and try to write up these deep, flawed characters- and im not a writer lol! Anyway, keep ur head up and thanks for the books!

    • I know it won’t change anything. Books like Twilight, Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, and House of Night are super popular right now, and everything will end up being compared to them. It just really bothers me when people accuse me of ripping off someone else’s work. And I’m glad you loved Zombie Island. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Great people get criticized alot. As long as you stay true to your greater version of vamps and werewolves people would respect you more. As long as you’re making your fan base happy, you will become happier. You go girl! Lol.

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