Why do people leave one star reviews on Barnes and Noble without actually reading the book first? They’ll ask if it’s any good, or if it has inappropriate content in it, or they’ll ask people to be their friend, but they don’t seem to realize that people can’t answer back. Do these people understand how devastating a single one star review can be to a self-published author? When you only have a few reviews, a single one star review can take off a whole star from your total rating. And if you get more than one “non-review”, it can really damage your total rating. What if someone decides not to read the book after taking a look at that rating? Not everyone reads reviews. Some will see that low rating and just think, “Nope. That book must suck. I think I’ll pass”. I really wish people would stop reviewing books they haven’t read.


One comment on “Non-Reviews.

  1. This is one of my pet peeves. People who do this are trolls. Yes, they understand perfectly well how devastating these one-star reviews are. That’s why they do it. They are jealous, embittered, destructive people who don’t want to see others succeed.

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