Consumed By War (Arena Wars #3).

Consumed By War, the third and final book in my Wars trilogy, has been published and is available online at Alanna and her family are preparing for the fight of their lives. They’ve been given a short reprieve from danger while Roger prepares to finally carry out his plans for revenge. While Alanna prepares to give birth, war threatens them from all sides. Elias plans to get his revenge against Ray for the death of his mate many years ago, Roger wants to destroy all traces of Charlotte’s memory by destroying Alanna and her family, and they’re waiting for news from the Council. Mixed up in all of this is Ilene, whose dwindling hold on her sanity makes her a dangerous opponent who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. By Alanna’s side is Quinten, who is finally coming to terms with his approaching fatherhood, and Alanna’s own father, who is desperate to save not only his children, but his grandchildren as well…


6 comments on “Consumed By War (Arena Wars #3).

  1. What’s the title of the first one? I’ve only ever read a smashwords series once (that I stuck with) but I really enjoyed it and I’d like to give yours a try. Do you have a link? There are soooo many titles on the site.

    • I’ve considered it, but right now I have so many other ideas I’m trying to find time to work on. If I found the time, I might consider it. I do have a few ideas for short stories about Roger, Carmen, and Elias. If I do continue writing about any of these characters, it would probably be them.

  2. I love this book I wish you could make another one and turn all of the series into a movie I love this book you are awesome for writing it

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