Zombie Island

I’ve published my fourth book online at Smashwords.com, and the book is called Zombie Island. It’s a book about the zombie apocalypse (duh). A small group of survivors try to make their way to an island with a low year-round population, hoping that they infection might not have reached the island yet and, if it has, they’ll be able to take care of any zombie population. There’s plenty of action, drama, and a little bit of romance. If you’re interested in survival stories, you should head over to Smashwords.com to check it out. The book is free, and I would love some more reviews.


34 comments on “Zombie Island

  1. I just finished reading Zombie Island and wanted to tell you how much I loved it. I found this blog while searching the web to leave glowing reviews of this book anywhere I can, and had to stop here and thank you for writing it. And to tell you I’m dying for a sequel! I fell in love with Ryder, Reese and Sam, and I’m hoping for a few more adventures with them.

  2. I finished Zombie Island today and started it last night and read it in between my tennis matches today. It is one of the best books I have ever read and I am a huge zombie apocalypse junkie. I beg of you to please please please make a sequel to give me something to look forward to in life! It is such an amazing book and you should continue to write.

    • Thank you. I have a sequel planned, but I have so many other things to work on first. Since Zombie Island can be a standalone novel, I’ve had to push it to the back of my work pile. Right now I’ve got a half-finsihed book, one that’s a quarter of the way done, and I’ve got like fifteen other story ideas and outlines written out. While you wait, you could check out some of my other stuff. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I would really love to read a sequel to Zombie Island. I loved it. There story is just not done yet. I spent an hour online trying to seach for something about when it would be out!!!! It is that good…..want to read more……Hope it is soon!!!

      • The third and final Arena Wars book is finished and being edited at the moment. I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I believe it should be up and on Barnes and Noble for purchase by Sunday.

  4. I just finished the book today (and I started last night!) and I just gotta say it’s one of the best book’s I’ve read! The plot started out quick and it made the reader feel as if he/she were actually trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The characters were amazing (I love Ryder and Reese). I was a little hesitant on reading it-not being into the zombie things- but I gave it a try and it didn’t disappoint. PLEASE make a sequel!!! I felt like the story just ended so fast and well I wanna know more! I’ve read your previous comments and I know you’re busy with other projects but definitely keep it in mind.

  5. I just finished Zombie Island it was amazing. I ran into it by accident writing my authors name wrong and let me just say i couldnt have been happier. I could not put it down so i bought the arena war series cant wait to start it πŸ™‚

  6. Great read, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, a lot of the free nook books have been a disappointment and this was very refreshing! I look forward to more, you’ve got a knack for keeping readers intrigued, nice work! And I did review it on Goodreads πŸ™‚

  7. I finished Zombie Island today and I could not put it down! I downloaded it for my Nook Sunday. I love how you pull the reader in from the beginning. I cannot wait until the sequel and I have read your comments on it possibly being about Sam’s cousin, Madison. Can I please make a request that if Sam does make an appearance that she doesn’t forget to always bring her gun with her or not drop it so much lol and that Resse gets a girlfriend too. Other then those two request I know the sequel will be awesome!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  8. I really loved the book I finished it in a day i really love Ryder I think they should make a movie a bout this book and keep sam and Ryder toether I really love Ryder he sounds like he’s cute and hot : ) !!!!!!! tjanks I can’t wait for the sequel

  9. I want a sequel and a movie soooooo bad!!!!!!!! You have to pump out that sequel soon!!!!!!!!! Can’t you put some of your other works on hold to write the sequel? That is what your readers really want!!!!!

    • I did end up putting some other works on hold, and the sequel is what I’m focusing on right now. I’m about to start Chapter Eight. I actually have a blog post concerning the sequel, entitled Zombie Country. You should check it out if you haven’t already πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks!!!!! I can’t wait to read Zombie Country!!!!!!!! I really hope you make Sam and Ryder and Reese part of the book, I want to see what happened to them. Also, I hope Madison and Sam get reunited, it would be really great!!!!!!

  11. I Loooooooooved it! At first I was not sure at all if I would like it. I gave it ashot any way, half way through I was already never wanting it to end ! I was worrying about there not being a sequel so when I hunted down you webstie and saw you started one I was very HAPPY!! Can’t Wait for the next book!

  12. omg i read this book and instanrly was obsessed i think ryder is awesome and that there should be a second book involving possibly niomi and reese gettin together and sam getting pregnant dont judge me but i fell for rider and reese both sound pretty badass

  13. I’ve already read Zombie Island and Zombie Country and can’t wait for the next one!!! While reading back over ZI, I was thinking how cool it would be to read things from Ryder’s perspective. I love the romance between him and Sam btw.

    • I’ve considered doing a spin-off series for the Arena Wars, and I have ideas for a couple of smaller novellas about Carmen and Roger, but I have two other series to finish before I start a new one. Hopefully some time in the future I can find the time for it, but if it does happen, it won’t be any time soon.

      • The arena wars was the best books I’ve ever read I just never wanted them to end. Also what is the sequel to Zombie Island called?

  14. I loved this book I couldn’t stop reading it and I can’t wait to read zombie country yay I love horror stories with zombies and this has been my favorite everyone needs to get this book

  15. I have just finished reading zombie island for the sixth time it is my absolute favorite book ever I was hoping that you might maybe right a sequel or trilogy with Reese Ryder and Sam and Naomi I’ve even read all your books your my favorite author you’ve inspired me so much that I even started writing my own books πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

    • That’s awesome that you’re writing! There is a sequel called “Zombie Country”, which focuses around Sam’s cousin Madison and a new cast of characters, but the old characters make an appearance towards the end. And the third book I’m currently writing features all of the surviving characters from the first two books and will be told from Sam’s point of view again.

  16. i read the book and I loved so much that I read it and read it. now because my nexus Is busted im trying to find another way to read it but I only have a computer a school and a lot of sites are blocked. I really love the characters Ryder and Sam and the relationship between the two.

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