The Awakening

I’ve finished my second book, The Awakening, a story about 17 year old Kylie Redding, who is trying to recover from the emotional devastation of her best friend’s suicide. She hates the people in her school, she hates her step-dad, and she hates life. When Kylie begins choking on her own blood, she’s surprisingly happy at the thought of dying, because she’ll get to see Tara again. What she doesn’t count on is awakening in a strange mansion, and finding out that she’s just started her journey to becoming a vampire. The Moon Goddess Selene has chosen Kylie for a special reason, and it soon becomes apparent.

Tarais not dead, and she’s been given a special gift by their loving goddess. As her best friend, it’s only natural that Kylie step up and become her Protector, someone that will be willing to die for her in a seconds notice. When someone begins sacrificing residents of Daray Hall, her new home, Tara’s gift of mind reading comes in handy, and the two begin searching for the elusive killer. However, this gift puts Tara in great danger, and Kylie begins to doubt her choices, and herself.

Together, they uncover a strange plot to summon an evil, vengeful goddess that will destroy the world with fire until only those that worship her are left. When the ultimate showdown happens, Kylie isn’t sure what is going to happen; only that she needs to protect Tara with everything she has. No matter the cost.

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2 comments on “The Awakening

  1. I absolutely loved reading The Awakening. My friends and I were on the edge of our seats the entire time. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Protector! I heard it might be the last book 😦 I hope not I don’t want this series to stop. It’s so great. Please keep writing the series and I’ll be sure to buy!

  2. I hope the protector isn’t the last book.. I just got done reading the Awakening and I fell in love with it especially with kylie and kaven. I hope they get together. please don’t make it the last book I would cry.

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